Month: July 2015

Cash for annuity
Cash for structured settlement payments
Lottery annuity

How to Sell My Structured Settlement For Cash

If you are receiving structured payments, you may ask yourself “how do I sell my structured settlement for cash?” There are many different options when it comes to selling your annuity, but it pays to do your research. Whether you have lottery payments or a structured settlement, it may be a good idea to get […]

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Paychecks payroll service
Payroll service

3 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Payroll Services

Company payroll services are hard enough for one country — let alone two! American companies that hire employees in Canada are often unprepared for Canada’s payroll and labor laws. Canada has about 190 laws regarding payroll on the books. Handling payroll in both the United States and Canada is daunting, so much so that some […]

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Cash counters
Cheque or check
Coin sorter counter

What to Know About Coin Counter Machines

Businesses have enough to worry about on a day-to-day basis. One of the tasks that they shouldn’t spend much time worrying on is counting the money they have. However, counting is a serious task, and it’s more complicated than it sounds. Before the advent of fully electronic currency counter machines in the 1980s, money had […]

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Brian l katz
How to invest in reits
Should i invest in real estate

4 Answers to 4 Common Questions About Commercial Real Estate Investing

Choosing to invest in real estate properties is a big decision to make — and there’s a lot of terminology included in the process which might not make sense if you don’t have a lot of experience in the industry. REITs, in particular, are a complicated part of commercial real estate investing — but they’re […]

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Pre settlement loan company
Sell annuity payments
Selling your annuity

3 Shocking Events More Likely to Happen Than Winning the Lottery

For a lucky few, the last tough decision they’ll ever have to make is how they choose to accept their lottery payments: in the form of a lottery annuity settlement, or as a lottery lump sum payout. The keyword there being lucky. The two biggest lotteries in the country are the Powerball, and the Mega […]

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