Day: October 26, 2015

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If You Had Half a Billion Dollars 3 Things You Should Buy If You Win the Lottery

If you were to ever win half a billion dollars in the lottery, you could either take the money as a lottery annuity settlement, and get annual lottery payments you could use to support yourself or provide some financial stability, or you could take it as a lottery lump sum payout. While an annuity allows […]

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Annuity and lump sum difference
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3 Reasons Selling Your Annuity Is a Better Idea Than You Think It Is

An annuity will give you an additional source of income, acting as a sort of financial safety net to help support you, but did you know that you can sell annuity payments? While it may seem scary to get rid of your financial safety net, selling your annuity can be a prudent decision. Here are […]

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