Day: November 24, 2015

Cash for annuity now
Selling your annuity

Structured Settlements Versus Lump Sums The Realities

So you?ve ended up with a settlement ? a structured settlement, for that matter. If you?re regretting it and thinking about the ?getting cash for structured settlement? option, you aren?t alone. Cash for structured settlements is an option often offered; and people choose it for many reasons. But it?s understandable if you?re hesitating, too. After […]

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Paying off your debt
Receive lottery winnings
Structured settlement annuity benefits

Cash In That Lotto Win For Big Results!

So you’ve hit your pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow and managed to win the lottery! Holy cow! You’ll now have two options: either you can get a lottery lump sum payout and get cash for lottery winnings or you can have it parsed out in payments that span a few years […]

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