Month: December 2015

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African Migrant One Winner of Spain’s Christmas Lottery

Winning lottery payments can be a life-changing experience for anyone, but for an African migrant struggling to get by in a foreign country it must be more like a godsend. Every year the Spanish lottery holds their annual Christmas lottery, or El Gordo, drawing. This year the winners included 35 African migrants, according to […]

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Do ou Wish You Would Have Decided on a Lump Sum Payment?

A structured settlement is a legal agreement where an amount of money is paid out as a monthly or yearly payment, rather than receiving the amount in a lump sum. Very often a structured settlement has certain tax advantages for the recipient. It also is a savings for the payer because they do not have […]

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3 Things to Ask Before Selling Your Structured Settlement

Despite the best-laid plans, life changes quickl. Increases in the cost of living leaves many adult couples struggling to make ends meet. Many are seeing increases in loans and credit amounts. The average adult owes over $3,000 in revolving credit to lenders, the average home has approximately 13 payment cards, and the average amount of […]

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Initial Public Offerings Are Creating the Modern Mom and Pop Shops

Years ago the business world was predominantly run by monopoly companies, blocking out any potential opponents. However, after seeing the advantages that competition can have, such as lower prices and newer, better products, modern mom and pop shops are making a comeback in the form of larger companies. One of the challenges of starting one […]

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He Won the Lottery. Why is He Still Delivering Mail?

Did you know that 48% of lottery winners are still working at their old jobs? Or that 70% of lotto winners lose or spend all their money in under 5 years? It’s not because they’re bad with money or love their jobs – it’s because of lottery annuity, or the practice of paying out large […]

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What to do With the Cash for Your Settlement – 3 Expenses You may not Have Considered

If you’ve recently won a legal battle that left you with money in settlement form, you have the opportunity to receive a great deal of money by selling that settlement for cash. All of that money can be exciting, but if you’re a young adult or recent college grad, there are a lot of financial […]

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