Month: March 2016

Annuity and lump sum difference
Get cash for your settlement
Opt for a lump sum

Know the Annuity and Lump Sum Difference for Your Future

When considering your future, where do you see yourself? You want to make sure that you’re getting everything that you can from the choices that you make financially. However, not everyone is going to make the best choices for the future, because many people do not know what these choices are and what their future […]

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Business valuation
Business valuation software
Small business comps

Determine a Company’s Valuation

When you buy out a company, you are not only buying the profits, as nice as that would be. You also take on the company’s stock and equity as well as assume any debts including bonds and loans. Now you have complete control of the company. Because of this, investing in business valuation services and […]

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