Month: July 2016

Commercial property management chicago
Commercial real estate

6 Tips for Buying Your First Commercial Property

The commercial real estate market has rebounded soundly since the crash in 2009. Moody’s/REAL Commercial Property Price Indices has reported it has increased in value by about 42%. There are two main kinds of commercial real estate. You have large buildings, which are typically valued at more than $2.5 million and smaller buildings worth less […]

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Best credit card processing for restaurants
Best credit card processing services
Payment gateway

The Skinny on Taking Credit Cards

Are you about to start a new business or have you recently done so? If you are, you are not alone. Every month at least 500,000 new businesses open their doors. If your business is planning to take debit card and credit card payments, and you probably should because most Americans have at least one. […]

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Hard money rehab loans
Real estate investment lenders
Real estate secured lending

Finding Your Financial Freedom and Success

Many people build their lives on the idea of the great American dream. There is a process to follow that our society encourages, and most people strive to complete this process, as they are hoping to have the promise of that grand dream fulfilled. However there are a few issues with the way that the […]

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Getting cash for structured settlements
Payout lottery winnings
Sell your structured settlement

Selling Your Lottery Payments How This Can Change Your Life

For most, winning the lottery sounds like a dream come true. And to be sure, there are many positive aspects to winning the lottery that cannot be overlooked. But lottery winners themselves know that there is a lot more to lottery winnings than a big fat check or instant cash. For one thing, you don’t […]

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Getting a lump sum
Purchasing structured settlements
Selling a structured settlement

The Difference Between Lump Sum and Annuity — All The Top Facts

If the average person looks forward at what will happen in their lifetime, they probably see certain events and everyday occurrences — there will be weddings and new jobs, and there will be pills to pay. What many people won?t foresee is having to know the the difference between lump sum and annuity — yet […]

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