3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Michigan Bank


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If you’re signing up for a new bank account, whether it’s for a commercial venture, a family account, or your first checking account after college, it is absolutely crucial to pick the right bank for your needs. What’s the #1 reason to pick the right bank the first time?

The truth is, U.S. consumers are extraordinarily unlikely to switch banks, even if they’re unhappy with their current financial institution. You might think you will be the exception to this rule, but most people don’t have the time to spend an afternoon switching accounts.

So when you’re trying to find a bank in Grand Rapids, Michigan to suit your needs, what should you consider? First…

1. How Important Is Access And Convenience?

If all you need is the most basic kind of checking account, and you want to be able to access branches and ATM’s wherever you go, then you should consider a bank that has a large presence in your area. If you travel frequently, then ask about their national presence? Will you end up paying ATM fees every time you make a withdrawal outside the city limits?

2. What Kind Of Fees Will They Charge You?

Although financial reform put some limits on the kinds of fees banks can charge customers, some financial institutions still find creative ways to get their money back. And because hidden fees are by their nature, well, hidden, you won’t exactly find this information in a brochure.

Do research online and find out what other customers are saying about bank fees before you go and find a bank.

3. Banking Rates, Home Mortgage Interest Rates

If you plan on applying for a mortgage in the future, or any other type of professional loan, then you want to find a bank that can give you the best possible rates. Typically, small to mid-sized regional banks offer the best mortgage interest rates, followed by credit unions.

Most importantly, before you find a bank you need to do your homework. Not just on the potential banks, but on your own financial health. The best banks won’t be able to help you out of a financial hole if you don’t help yourself. So before you find a bank in Grand Rapids, find out your credit score and do a thorough financial inventory. Then, find a bank that fits your needs.

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