Day Trading Platforms Give You the Edge in Markets


Forex trading

Do you like day trading? Do you like the thrill of the latest earnings report, predicting the next geopolitical crisis, or just laughing in the face of the markets when they all go in the wrong direction? There are several day trading plans out there for every need, from equity and mutual fund traders to derivatives and forex. Using these day trading plans can supply you with decision making analytics, and help you execute what you feel is the best strategy.

A good online day trading plan has a platform connected with the trading world. This day trading plan may or may not subscribe to Bloomberg terminal services, but it does have access to each of the major exchanges. Nearly all day trading plans should have access to futures prices and options ladders from many exchanges, such as CME, CBOT, ICE, and others, not to mention NYSE Euronext. It should come with statistical software that allows you to see Bollinger bands, stochastics, and other data. Finally, any decent day trading platform should come with predictive analysis, although bear in mind that true, accurate prediction for any day trade is impossible.

The best day online trading plans have FOREX trading as well. FOREX trading, which averages $3 trillion every day, is done mostly by very large banks and speculators. A good day trading plan should have access to one of these FOREX merchants or futures merchants, and let them trade the same way the big players would.

The best day trading platforms live off information. News, statistical analysis, and access to internal market workings are no longer sufficient for an edge. Now, an online day trading plan needs to make you every bit as involved as a floor trader once was. To place a day trade, you need to be on guard and ahead of the market at all times. After all, you are there to make a profit. Should you not get some help along the way?

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