Five Signs Your Business Might Require International Payment Processing


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When businesses accept credit and debit cards in their stores, online shops, or billing departments, they do not process these payments themselves. Credit card payment processing for goods and services is almost always completed by third party merchant services that will complete funds transfers for companies and their clientele. However, some businesses don’t only operate domestically; they may require merchant services that can handle international payment processing. International payment processing is used to convert many international global currencies into a business’s domestic currency and then transfer those converted funds to the business’s accounts.

Which business types may require international payment processing? Many businesses can benefit from accepting international funds, from those in eCommerce to businesses operating on foreign soil. If you run one of the following types of businesses, here are some signs that you may need international payment processing:

· Expanding businesses: If your business is growing to accommodate locations in other countries, it may be essential to accept international payments. This can be especially important if you are keeping all of your business records in one country, such as if you are headquartered in Canada but have expanded to the United States. If you want to keep customers in all countries happy, it’s important to be able to take currency online and in-store from any available source.

· Businesses near borders: Just like an expanding business, stores or other companies that operate near a border, such as the one between the United States and Canada, will want to accept both types of currency. Turning away customers because your machines can’t handle foreign payments can be seriously costly.

· Online retailers: Do you have a product that you offer online? If so, you probably have customers from all around the globe. Accepting credit card payments online is an easy and convenient way for you to make money and for your customers to buy your products; however, without the right kind of payment processor, it can be difficult to have access to the money you receive. Make sure that your payment processor can handle payments from a full list of international currencies, so your online business truly has global reach.

· B2B transactions: If your company deals with international clients, taking payments for services can be a hassle without payment processing for global currencies. For example, if your American packaging company partners with a manufacturer in China, that partnership can be difficult if funds are transferred incorrectly. Make sure that your business-to-business needs are covered with the right kinds of payment processing.

· High-risk businesses: High-risk businesses are those that regularly deal with off-shore clientele or funds transfer, telemarketers that accept credit cards by phone, and online businesses that do not offer a tangible product, such as those that specialize in downloadable gaming and software. These companies are especially at risk for fraudulent payments, both foreign and domestic. However, most payments that go to these companies are legitimate, but they may also require accepting foreign credit cards. If you run a business classified as high risk, make sure that you have the correct merchant services to accommodate your company’s financial transactions.

Have questions about international card and payment processing? Be sure to find a reputable and affordable payment processor that can handle these types of transactions. Read this for more:

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