Four Facts That Show Why Right Now is the Best Time to Sell Your Gold


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If you didn’t sell your out-of-use gold jewelry a few years ago when the price of gold first skyrocketed, now is still a great time to sell your gold for a profit. Because demand is still on the rise for gold, the price is still steadily rising — so if you want the best payout for your valuables, the best way to do it is to sell gold coins and sell gold jewelry now.

To find out why, here are the four best facts that will show you why you need to sell your gold right now:

1. Demand for gold continues to grow: Did you know that last year, consumer demand for gold increased by 13%? Many people are learning how to buy gold because it’s a great long-term investment material. This means that you can benefit immensely by selling your gold to meet this high demand.

2. There are tons of great places that buy gold: There are a large number of reputable, trustworthy gold buyers located across the country who make a living off of giving you a fair payout for your gold jewelry and coins. To make sure you’re selling to a good gold trader or buyer, research each potential buyer on the web before you sell your gold.

3. Figuring out how much to ask for your gold is easier than ever: At-home testing kits to determine the value of your gold often sell for less than $20 and can be ordered online. Theses are great tools to help you find out how much to expect when you bring your gold to a buyer. Generally, you can expect to be paid about 40 to 70% of the gold’s market value.

4. The price of gold is at an all-time high: In the last two years alone, the market price of gold has gone up an amazing 70% to more than $1,200 per ounce. And since the way gold is priced can often be unpredictable, there’s no way to tell if the price will fall dramatically in the near future or not. That’s why you should sell your gold soon, while prices are still as high as they are. Continue reading here:

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