Get Immediate Cash in Hand for Your Structued Payments With Lump Sum Lottery Payout


Buying an annuity with a lump sum

If you have just won the lottery, the feeling of exhilaration can pass very quickly once you get to know the finer points about your awarded settlement. Lottery payments come in the form of structured settlements, where you get your awarded money in small parts over a long duration of time. You might have to wait months, ever years to see the full amount of cash you are entitled to get. On top of that, the lottery can also withhold up to 25% on account of federal taxes, and a further six to nine percent for state taxes. This can really put a dent in your day and ruin your mood, but there is a solution.

If you want your lottery winnings to really count, you can choose to sell your structured settlements for upfront cash. Getting cash for your structured settlements is now simple, with many companies offering lottery lump sum payouts. The average amount of structured settlement payments is well over $300,000 and you can get all your money in one fell swoop if you opt to get cash for your settlement. The bulk amount of money in hand can be made use of in a number of different ways, including –

  • Clearing Debts – If you have unpaid debts and your credit ratings have taken a hit, you can easily use your settlement money to pay them off and set the record straight.
  • Financing Education – If you have been planning to further your education but have been feeling bogged down by lack of funds, here is a chance to get that degree and start taking your career to new heights using your lottery payments.
  • Buying Property – If you have been eyeing your dream home for quite some time, it can come within easy reach. All you need to do is sell your structured settlement and use the money to make an outright purchase or a down payment, and your dream property can be yours immediately.
  • handling Emergencies – Financial emergencies can spring up any moment. Whether it is helping out a friend or family member in need or dealing with a serious medical condition, you might feel the need for immediate cash at any time. Selling your lottery payout can be the perfect way of getting the money you need at short notice.
  • Starting a Business – If you fancy your skills as an entrepreneur, you can sell opt for lottery lump sum payout and use the money as capital funding for your very own startup.

Overall, opting for lottery lump sum payout can be a smart financial move, getting you a bulk amount of cash immediately in hand. Over 90% of people who sell their structured settlements report that their experience has been satisfactory, and there is no reason for yours to be any different.

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