Hard Money Lending How It Works


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At times, it can be difficult to get the financing that you need, whether you’re looking to finance an investment in real estate or a new business. The fact is that in the current American system, it is either difficult or impossible for the typical American to buy a home or start a business without a certain amount of “start up” money. Typically, what would happen is that people in cases like these would go to the bank and request a loan of some kind. Yet this doesn’t always work — even when you’ve already taken a loan previously, for, say, a house. In fact, this can be a factor working against you. As people take out loans to buy homes or even go to college, this can negatively affect their ability to be approved for a traditional loan down the line. But at the same time, you can’t not go to school for reasons like these. As such, many people find themselves in need of new loans and unable to get them. Fortunately, hard money loans do exist — but many are unfamiliar with how they work, or even what they are. We’ll look into hard money loans for real estate investors and future business owners alike — there are a variety of different options available for people who need these kinds of loans.

Hard Money Loans For Real Estate Investors And Businesspeople: How They Work

So, what makes a hard money loan so different from a typical loan? Well, for one thing, traditional loans are often taken out through banks. These banks often have a strict set of requirements that potential borrowers have to meet before even being considered — and often, these conditions are very difficult to meet. For example, to be considered for a typical business loan a potential buyer has to have been in business for at least two years, have at least $250,000 in annual revenue, have good personal and business credit, and be cash flow positive. For some, it will be years before they meet these standards — and they don’t want to waste time waiting any longer. Luckily, many hard money lenders are interested in renovation lending, sometimes known as hard money rehab loans. The fact is that many people use hard money loans to buy and renovate houses — and this can be a lucrative business opportunity. In contrast to a typical loan, hard money loans for real estate investors are secured with equity — usually with a property with an equity of 30% to 50%, ensuring that everyone is protected.

Understanding Hard Money Loans: Why Are They Right For Flipping Houses?

Flipping a house is a bold move for anyone to make, and hard money loans can make the decision of whether or not you should flip a house easier. While renovation can usually be difficult to find, hard money loans for real estate investors are practically made for this purpose. As most people buy their homes with a 15 or 30 year mortgage, their equity will go up over time. This makes the unique style of hard money loans perfect for commercial real estate investing. Many appreciate the fact that hard money loans also have famously sort turnaround times of 7 to 14 days, processing fairly quickly. Another great thing about hard money loans is that they don’t necessarily have the duration or payment period that others do. Rather than being paid off over a long period of time, they are only granted with a duration up to five years.

Flipping Houses: Is This The Business Opportunity For You?

As previously mentioned, this is a business opportunity that is not for everyone — but commercial property investing can yield a great profit in a relatively short period. Essentially, this involves choosing the right property, renovating it cost effectively, and selling it for a profit. Try and find a mentor in the field first — if you make the right moves, this could be your future.

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