Public Accountants — What They Do, And Why Businesses Need Them


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There’s one major reason why accounting is such a popular and dependable career choice for anyone looking at corporate finance positions and jobs in financial services: besides the obvious reason that businesses always need someone to handle their numbers, there are actually tons of different accounting jobs in various industries.

For private businesses (or very wealthy individuals), anyone looking for a job as a public accountant is the type of person who will be able to provide the best services.

These accountants usually work for corporations and actually hide under a variety of job titles: financial analysts, internal auditors, tax specialists, accounts payable clerks, etc. Depending on the size of the company the employs these accountants, their job descriptions could be very specific, or they could be responsible for any number of tasks that involve the company’s finances. Most often, accountants will work on keeping records for the company, analyzing spending patterns, determining how much a company can spend on certain projects, and strategizing ways to decrease spending and increase profits in the future.

These types of accounting jobs are often very popular for recent college grads with very little experience, simply because the jobs don’t necessarily require a ton of experience — and with so much digital technology taking over the workforce, these younger applicants actually often have an advantage over older applicants, because they’re capable of working with complex computer programs and digital devices.

Because these jobs are mostly entry-level jobs, it’s fairly common for accountants to either a) start their own accounting firms, where they provide financial analyses for businesses that prefer to outsource their financial tasks; or b) find a position in a stable company where there’s room to advance and reach financial management jobs.

Finding the perfect accountant can seem like a daunting task for someone running a company with little experience in finances, but it’s important to remember that most applicants have a good deal of expertise, either from recent schooling or from previous experience.

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