Sell Your Lottery Payments for Cash Now


Selling an annuity settlement

You can get cash for your structured settlement or annuity right away by selling lottery payments to a financial services company. With an annuity or a life insurance payout there are a variety of options that include receiving payments over a specified amount of time or ensuring your spouse receives payments for the rest of their life. In the last 20 years, employee lawsuits have risen by 400%. Typically, the average employee lawsuit pays the claimant $150,000, and the average structured settlement pays out $324,000. There was $3.6 billion worth of medical malpractice lawsuits alone paid out in 2013. Receiving a settlement is common, as an estimated 80 to 92% of cases settle. Usually claimants begin receiving payments in 30 days with an immediate annuity. Of the claimants who have sold their structured settlements, 92% of them are satisfied with their decision to sell. Get all your cash today and have it when you need it by selling lottery payments.

Why Should I Sell My Structured Settlement for Cash?

Sometimes small increments of pay over a longer period of time isn’t enough. Almost half of the people who have won the lottery still work. While receiving payments over time for lawsuits and lottery winnings is the standard, selling lottery payments can give you all your money up front in one lump sum. This can be helpful if you are currently struggling financially and would benefit from extra cash up front. It is also a wise decision if you are planning on spending a substantial amount of money on something in the near future, such as a new car, new home or furthering your education. Structured settlement purchasers are able to provide you with all your winnings right away so that you can put it to use instead of waiting for it to pay out over time.

What Can I Do with my Lump Sum Lottery Payout?

Selling lottery payments can assist you in many ways. Maybe you already know what you would put your lump sum towards, but if you’re questioning what you can do with your winnings up front, you may want to consider the following ideas:

  • Buy a new car

  • Buy a home

  • Get a degree or further your education

  • Go on vacation

  • Pay for a wedding or family event

  • Pay off your debts

  • Pay off your loans

  • Open a business

  • Home improvements

  • There are many ways you can use your lawsuit or lottery winnings, and perhaps having all your cash up front would be more helpful than receiving smaller payments over time. By taking your lump sum payment early you can put yourself ahead of the game and give yourself an advantage for the future./br>

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