The 7 Benefits of Coal


High demand for building material

Our world is experiencing something of an ongoing energy crisis. From global warming to oil shortages, it seems that there are few affordable resources out there left for us. However, when people say this, they are usually ignoring one of the oldest and most thriving energy sources in the building materials industry of all time: coal. That’s right, you heard us. And if you don’t believe us, check out these reasons why coal mining provides one of the best energy sources available in the building materials industry.

  1. Coal is inexpensive. To invest in coal is to invest in energy; that’s because investing in coal is relatively inexpensive. It is way cheaper than nuclear energy, natural gas, and oil combined.
  2. Coal is stable. Colombia’s stable legal system, paired with one of the largest coal reserves in the world, makes it an excellent place for sourcing coal.
  3. Coal is natural.
    Coal is made of ancient wood that has been compressed for years. This makes it an excellent and natural energy source.
  4. Coal can be mined and burned with little to no environmental impact.

  5. Coal mining can provide jobs. Unlike many other jobs, coal mining is one of the only energy sources that actively creates a multitude of jobs.
  6. Coal is likely powering the computer you are using at this very second. That’s right. In fact, coal provides more than half (56%) of the electricity that is used in a day in the United States.
  7. Coal is a viable source that will give us the time and resources to develop alternative energy sources. While solar technology and fuel from grain grows and innovates, coal is a viable source of energy.

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