Three Ways To Prepare For An Interview For Finance Careers


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Financial jobs and corporate financial careers pay well. Period. Finance manager salaries range from $77,000 and $101,500 per year! For that reason, getting jobs in accounting or finance careers in Canada can be challenging. Job candidates can easily get ahead and secure employment, however, with some dedication and careful preparation for the job interview. If you are interviewing to become a finance manager, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Pay Close Attention To Detail

Corporate finance careers require extreme attention to detail. Therefore, maintaining a professional appearance is more important than ever before. Make certain your appearance — including your clothing and your personal hygiene — is impeccable. Iron and/or press all clothing, wear black, gray, or neutral colors, etc.

Be Prepared For Finance-Specific Questions

When interviewing for a career in finance, you can expect finance-specific job interview questions. Employers may ask you about a variety of different money- and investment-related topics from stocks and financial reports to common obstacles financial professionals may face in the industry today. Be prepared discuss all aspects of finance, including short-term and long-term strategies.

Refresh Your Memory

Senior finance managers are among the top paid professions in Canada; don’t ruin your chances because you are rusty on finance-related terms. Before interviewing for corporate finance careers, brush up on any industry-specific terms and factoids. Know common abbreviations and definitions. Be prepared to discuss EBITDA, for example — and know how to make common finance-related projections and calculations. Similarly, don’t get caught knowing nothing about the particular business you are interviewing for. Make sure to review the company’s website prior to the interview. Know the companies’ mission and basic services at the very least.

Canadian financial careers are lucrative — and guarantee a certain about of stability as well. Increase your chances of acing the interview paying very close attention to your clothes and appearance, brushing up on industry terms, and preparing for finance-specific job interview questions.

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