Who’s in Charge of the Money? An Inside Look at Careers in Finance


Financial jobs

For anyone looking for jobs in accounting and finance, a position as the Chief Financial Operator of a corporation is quite frequently like the holy grail of new jobs. This is because the Chief Financial Officer is in charge of all the financial operations for that business.

The Chief Financial Officer has an enormous amount of responsibility. He or she must accurately report on the financial history of the company so that decisions made by other members of the organization will be financially sound. The Chief Financial Officer is also in charge of investing the company’s money, and overseeing the company’s debt-to-equity ratio, or capital structure. Lastly, the Chief Financial Officer must determine which areas of the company are most efficient, and how to use this information to further future success.

Of course, not all jobs in accounting are going to be as Chief Financial Officers. Finance Managers, who work for the Chief Financial Officer, also have many responsibilities, and average an annual salary of $76,205. Many Finance Managers work full time, in many different industries, such as banking and insurance. The general day-to-day activities of the Finance Manager include investments, producing financial reports, and helping to plan for the long-term goals of the institution.

Of course, one of the most important jobs in financial services is that of accountant. Accounting clerks are in charge of maintaining the general ledger, preparing accounting statements such as accounts receivable and accounts payable, and writing various financial reports. Without accountants, Finance Managers would have a much more difficult time obtaining numbers for their reports, and the concise nature of the company’s financial situation would be far less accurate.

These are only a few of the jobs in accounting that keep a company running smoothly. Accurate finance information is crucial to keeping a corporation operating in a successful manner.

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