Your Guide to Being Reliable Bail Bondsmen


Meet Booker, a bail bondsman ready to teach the public what bondsmen do. Booker is a fascinating entrepreneur with a variety of businesses. Watch this video to learn about what reliable bail bondsmen do.

Firstly, to be a bondsman you need to have at least $200.000 in assets. While someone may have to put up collateral to get a bond, the bondsman should not make taking the collateral their job.

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There are two types of bondsman. There’s the property bondsman that use collateral or money and the surety bondsman that uses the insurance payments. When a bond is set, the bondsman charges 10% to 15% of the bail in order to get the client out of jail.

Booker prefers to work with people he knows or at least be in a friend-of-a-friend situation. Of course, that’s no guarantee that there won’t be any skips, but Booker isn’t worried. The ones that get paid off outnumber the ones that don’t. He does tend to avoid people with a history of missing court.

A bondsman must be reliable and always ready to answer a call. Let people know that you’re there for them and their loved ones on the outside.¬†Watch this interview to learn how it’s done.


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