Year: 2014

Accounting salaries
Chief operating officer responsibilities

Who’s in Charge of the Money? An Inside Look at Careers in Finance

For anyone looking for jobs in accounting and finance, a position as the Chief Financial Operator of a corporation is quite frequently like the holy grail of new jobs. This is because the Chief Financial Officer is in charge of all the financial operations for that business. The Chief Financial Officer has an enormous amount […]

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Corporate finance careers
Corporate finance positions
Financial analyst salary

What is a CFO?

Accounting and finance are very important roles in any company. In fact, managerial jobs in accounting at large companies in Canada can be compensated anywhere between $77,000 and $101,500 annually, according to a 2013 survey by Robert Half International. While the average yearly salary for a Finance Manager is $76,205, senior managers in Finance and […]

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Pharmacy pos
Pharmacy pos system 2014
Pharmacy software

A Few Statistics You Probably Never Know About the Pharmaceutical Industry

We tend only to hear about the pharmaceutical industry in terms of the actual drug manufacturers and the laws which regulate how prescriptions should be sold and monitored; we often forget that there’s a completely different side to the industry, despite the fact that it’s even more visible to us, as consumers, than the manufacturing […]

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Employer of record definition
How to pay employees tax
Payroll software solution

Outsource Payroll to Save Time and Money

Whether operating a large corporation or a small business, outsourcing to payroll services providers can be the perfect solution. Payroll companies can provide your business with immediate legal and financial benefits, and save you time and money. Hiring payroll services providers is much easier than obtaining a law degree, or going back to school and […]

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Business debt relief
Debt management programs
Debt relief specialists ohio

Fast, Post-Holiday Debt Relief

The holiday season is often aptly referred to as the most wonderful time of the year, and it’s easy to see why. However, for holiday shoppers and consumers, it’s also the most wonderful — or worst — time of year to accumulate more credit card debt than anticipated. Consumers aren’t entirely to blame. After all, […]

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Commercial real estate development companies
Commercial real estate management companies
Real estate development funding

How to Mitigate the Risks of Real Estate Investment

When it comes to investing in real estate, there’s always some level of risk that must be taken up by the investor. However, top real estate developers and real estate investing companies usually have ways to mitigate these risks before or during the purchase of the property. Here are several risks facing investors and how […]

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