Month: June 2014

Cash for gold okc
How to sell gold jewelry
Sell gold near me

Four Fascinating Facts About Selling Gold Today

Making the choice to sell gold coins or sell gold jewelry has become one of the great American pastimes over the last three years or so. As gold prices continue to enjoy record-high prices — the price of gold has risen more than 70% in the last two years alone — many people are choosing […]

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Sell my annuity
Sell my structured settlement
Structured settlement funding companies

Top Five Questions Regarding Annuities

Saving up for retirement doesn’t have to be an intimidating process. Purchasing an annuity can help you in your retirement years so you can still live the life you had while still in the work force. Most owners demonstrate a deep loyalty and commitment to their annuity purchases, with 93% stating they still own their […]

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Buying commercial real estate
Commercial real estate listings
What is real estate investment

How to Make Your Commercial Real Estate Investment More Profitable

Did you know that more than $160 billion of commercial real estate in the United States is currently in foreclosure, bankruptcy, or default? However, most commercial property is operating properly, so you have the option of investing in this type of real estate. Commercial real estate investing can generate a large ROI, but only when […]

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Brian l katz
Commercial real estate
Should i invest in real estate

Two Important Things to Know About Commercial Real Estate Investments

Did you know that the commercial property industry is worth nearly $1 trillion in the United States? As a result, investing in commercial property can help generate a substantial amount of cash inflow. However, before pursuing this investment option, it is important to know how and why to invest in REITs, or real estate investment […]

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Business accounting
Limited company accountants fees

Save Money! Hire a Small Business Accountant!

One could roam the earth entire and not find a single person who enjoys doing their taxes. Business owners in particular have it rough when it comes to filing their taxes correctly. Luckily, there are approximately 11,425 accounting services companies in the United Kingdom alone at which highly skilled tax accountants are employed. The accounting […]

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