Month: September 2014

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Answers to Basic Questions About Structured Settlements

If you’ve been offered a structured settlement or already have one, you probably already know how confusing they can be. Here are a few answers to basic questions about structured settlements to get you started: What is a structured settlement? To better understand what structured settlement means, you need to understand what a settlement is […]

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Bullion gold coins okc
Sell gold coins
Sell your gold

4 Ways to Sell Gold That Can Earn You More (or Less) Cash

You may have heard that it’s possible to sell gold coins or jewelry for meltdown purposes—and make a tidy profit off items that have just been sitting in your home collecting dust. This is definitely true, even with gold’s current low prices. But the real question is where to sell gold jewelry. Going to the […]

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Accept debit and credit cards
Mobile payment solution
Mobile payments companies

Certified Payment Processing for Retail What You Don’t Know Could Hurt Your Business

Do you have a retail business? If so, you probably know the importance of giving your customers as many payment options as possible. Having to turn customers away because you only accept cash can put a serious dent in your revenue. Therefore, it’s important for retail establishments and other businesses that see regular consumer traffic […]

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Credit card consolidation company
Debt counselling
Debt settlement services

3 Benefits of Debt Management Plans

Do you find yourself seeking debt advice but are unsure who to go to or where to turn? Are you, like so many millions of Americans, in need of debt counseling due to mounting credit card debt? Well, help with debt is merely a phone call or a mouse click away. Debt relief services are […]

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How to get a sba loan
Small business funding options
Small business grants san diego

Three Reasons All of Your Assumptions About Small Businesses Are Wrong

They say that many small businesses will fail within the first year, but there is plenty of evidence to the contrary these days. We all know that there are huge corporations out there that seem to make up most of the businesses in America and that many of them are very successful. We also assume […]

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