Month: October 2014

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Why Pharmacies Can’t Eradicate Prescription Drug Abuse Alone

Prescription drug abuse is no joke. It’s a very serious and widespread epidemic in the U.S., despite the fact that recreational prescription drug us and abuse is considered illegal. Pharmacies often do the best they can to monitor their patients’ prescriptions, but even the best pharmacy POS systems aren’t capable of monitoring legal drug use […]

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Why Pharmacists Still Matter in the Digital World

There’s one big misconception about modern, digital retail pharmacy POS systems: that they’re going to eradicate the need for real-life pharmacists, and that they’re no more than pill-dispensing robots. This misconception has a lot of people worried, too, especially since pharmacy school graduation rates are at an all-time high, and more people are wondering if […]

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The Top Three Huge Benefits to Refinancing Your Loans

When it comes to finances, everyone starts out as a novice. In America, though, many people are particularly ill equipped to deal with creditors and banks. Due to the very ideas perpetuated by the “American Dream,” many Americans are struck by the idea that refinancing loans is a bad, or worse, dishonest thing to do. […]

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