Month: March 2015

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Employee Payroll Deductions What You Need to Know

For many small business owners across Canada, calculating payroll isn’t just a tired chore. It can be a nightmare. Especially for small business owners who have little to no experience with processing payroll, the task can be overwhelming. Businesses that are too small to have their own human resources/payroll department often find themselves out of […]

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Money Counter Machines 100% Accuracy Guaranteed

Ever since the first fully electronic money counter machines came out in 1980, businesses, banks, governments alike have reaped its many benefits. The amount of time and resources alone saved by currency counter machines is enormous. Before these machines were invented, bills and coins had to, for the most part, be counted by hand. Depending […]

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Money counter machines

Currency Counter Machines What You Need to Know

Although counting money may not be a problem most people have, it is certainly a huge undertaking for banks, governments, and financial institutions. Counting money by hand is time-consuming, exhausting, and arduous. Oftentimes, the money is counted two or three times to check for human error. Not only does the count have to be correct, […]

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Three Reasons Why Payroll Providers Are Right For You and Your Small Business

Calculating payroll is a task every business, large and small, need to do. However, small businesses, unlike larger ones, may not have the resources to hire its own human resources and accounting departments. In addition, small business owners may not have the skills and knowledge necessary to properly handle payroll. Processing payroll is long, arduous, […]

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