Month: June 2015

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92% of Lawsuits Are Settled Out of Court Find Out How to Get Settlement Money Immediately

Hopefully, you will never get into a situation that results in a lawsuit. Unfortunately, that situation is more common than you would think. In 2013, medical malpractice litigation alone resulted in $3.6 billion in payments. Another kind of litigation, lawsuits against employees, have grown 400% since 1995. Whether payments come from trial decisions or pre-trial […]

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Currency Counter Machines Are Great For Small Businesses

For as long as money has existed, there has always been the need to quickly count it. Counting money may seem like a glamourous job but the truth is, it’s considerably less fun than it sounds. Counting large volumes of bills and coins is a tedious, long, and thankless job that is often repeated two […]

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Is Commercial Real Estate Investing Right For You?

Not everyone can make it in the industry of commercial real estate investing, even if they get some help from commercial real estate developers and commercial real estate investment companies. So are YOU cut out for this industry? If you like to take risks, this is definitely the industry for you. Commercial properties tend to […]

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