Day: September 25, 2015

Pre settlement loans
Selling a structured settlement

Structured Settlement Myths Debunked

When you’re receiving structured settlements, there are some things you’ll hear that are true, and things that are just myths. Here are just a few of the different popular myths that you may hear about your lump sum or annuity settlements, and the real truth behind each one. Even if you aren’t trying to sell […]

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How to get money from a settlement now
Sell structured settlement payments
Selling lottery payments

Virginia Winner Plans to Use Lottery Lump Sum Payout to Help Dad

Billy Aliff is an auto mechanic from New Castle Virginia. Well he was anyway. He plans to quit his day job, but continue to work on cars from his home after lucking his way to $2 million in lottery payments, according to Yahoo Parenting. He plans to take the lottery lump sum payout over the […]

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