Month: September 2015

Getting cash for structured settlement
Purchasing structured settlements

Get Immediate Cash in Hand for Your Structued Payments With Lump Sum Lottery Payout

If you have just won the lottery, the feeling of exhilaration can pass very quickly once you get to know the finer points about your awarded settlement. Lottery payments come in the form of structured settlements, where you get your awarded money in small parts over a long duration of time. You might have to […]

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Pre settlement loans
Selling a structured settlement

Structured Settlement Myths Debunked

When you’re receiving structured settlements, there are some things you’ll hear that are true, and things that are just myths. Here are just a few of the different popular myths that you may hear about your lump sum or annuity settlements, and the real truth behind each one. Even if you aren’t trying to sell […]

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How to get money from a settlement now
Sell structured settlement payments
Selling lottery payments

Virginia Winner Plans to Use Lottery Lump Sum Payout to Help Dad

Billy Aliff is an auto mechanic from New Castle Virginia. Well he was anyway. He plans to quit his day job, but continue to work on cars from his home after lucking his way to $2 million in lottery payments, according to Yahoo Parenting. He plans to take the lottery lump sum payout over the […]

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Cash for your structured settlement
Sell my structured settlement for cash
Sell structured settlement payments

Sell Your Lottery Payments for Cash Now

You can get cash for your structured settlement or annuity right away by selling lottery payments to a financial services company. With an annuity or a life insurance payout there are a variety of options that include receiving payments over a specified amount of time or ensuring your spouse receives payments for the rest of […]

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Pre settlement cash advance
Pre-settlement options

A Cash Settlement Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

What would you do with a cash settlement? What could you accomplish with a large lump sum of money? Would you: purchase a home? buy a luxury car? get out of debt? eliminate high interest rate credit cards? pay off medical bills? travel to a dream destination? start your own business? pay for you child’s […]

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Long term care
Workplace supplemental benefits north dakota

3 Compelling Reasons to Get Health Insurance If You Don’t Have It Already

Are you one of the millions of Americans without health insurance? By the end of 2014, an estimated 12.9% of American adults were going without coverage, and CNN reports that 11.9% were still uninsured during the first quarter of 2015. Although this is a significant decline from before the Affordable Care Act was passed, it’s […]

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