Month: May 2016

Hard money lender
How does a hard money loan work
Private hard money lender

Hard Money Loans Versus Traditional Loans The Facts

There is much that we don’t know when it comes to money, and most of us know even less when it comes to loans. You probably have plenty of questions when it comes to loans. Among them are probably “how does a hard money loan work” “what is a private money lender” and much more. […]

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Real estate development companies
Real estate investment
Real estate investment business plan

3 Methods to Real Estate Development

The real estate development business is also known as property development. It’s a line of business that covers a whole range of activities from the renovation of properties to leasing them out or purchasing and selling land. Although real estate development is not lumped into construction many times the same real estate development companies will […]

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Buying an annuity with a lump sum
Purchasing structured settlements

FAQs on Pre-Settlement Funding, Answered

Thousands of people are victims of injuries and disabilities each day as a result of an accident. Many accidents are followed by lawsuits in which the plaintiff has a right to get settlement money now instead of waiting for the verdict of their case. For those considering a cash advance, here are some commonly asked […]

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Acquisition and development
High quality of coal
Premium quality metallurgical coal

The 7 Benefits of Coal

Our world is experiencing something of an ongoing energy crisis. From global warming to oil shortages, it seems that there are few affordable resources out there left for us. However, when people say this, they are usually ignoring one of the oldest and most thriving energy sources in the building materials industry of all time: […]

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