An Inside Look at Security Law


Believe it or not, securities law has not always been around. In fact, it wasn’t until the stock market crash did the government consider putting laws in place. In this video, you will learn a little bit more about securities laws and securities lawyers.

After the stock market crashed, the government realized something grave: these businesses and business people were basically running a zoo.

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They had no real rules or regulations controlling them, so they were taking advantage of the system left and right, which ultimately caused the devastating crash. So they put securities laws into place to help stop any further damage from happening in the future. The SCC, or Securities and Exchange Commission, was also established at this time.

Securities laws, therefore, deal with assets and stocks in companies that are being traded or given around. A securities lawyer is an expert on securities laws, and is there to advise companies on how to go about their business legally. If you work for a major company, there’s a very big chance that the company actually employees securities lawyers themselves! In order to keep in legal compliance with their stocks, companies greatly benefit from the use of securities lawyers on their side.

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