What is the Difference Between Diamonds and Moissanite


This video talks about two precious stones and which ones are best for any individual. It discusses the differences between diamonds and moissanites specifically.

It starts by making it clear that moissanites are not fake jewels.

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They are legitimate gems that are manufactured in a lab. Just because something is manufactured in a lab does not make it fake like many people believe it does. Moissanites still have some of the same qualities as diamonds. For example, they will have the same chemical makeup and will still look like diamonds. Moissanites make a nice diamond substitute sometimes.

Many people love diamonds for their amazing brilliance. Diamonds don’t always come from the earth, though. Some diamonds are grown in a lab just like moissanites are.They still have amazing qualities, but they don’t come from the earth. That doesn’t make them fake. It only makes them manufactured using a different process.

People who choose diamonds over moissanites usually do so because they prefer hard stones. The diamond still wears the title of being the hardest stone one can buy. People who choose moissanites usually choose them because they’re less expensive than a diamond is. They’re also very close to the diamond in strength.

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