Bail Bonds Made Simple


The world of law is an extensive and confusing place, hence why thousands of students drop out of law programs each year. A court case can be a nerve wracking and stressful experience for someone unfamiliar with the law and how to go about a trial, and oftentimes defendants and their families need to rush to research what exactly will happen in a court case. While lawyers will make this process seamless and easy, there are still several pieces of the process of conviction to be aware of. Bail bond is a very common element in the process of hearings and trials. This video makes the concept and order of bail bonds extremely simple and easy to digest.

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To begin, someone who is arrested for a serious crime will need to wait in prison for a bail hearing. Once the bail is set, the defendant can pay the fee to be released until their court date, or have a close family member utilize a bail bond company. If they choose the latter, then the bail bondsman posts the bond payment for the defendant, while taking a small cut of the amount for himself. This process helps people without resources to still be out of jail until their court date.


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