Flocking to Florida Why Snowbirds do What They do


It is the middle of November. The grass is almost completely withered and dead, the sky is dreary and gray almost every morning, and the early winter winds and clouds could bring on the snow any day now. You know that soon you will be miserable in those tiny bursts of time that it takes to get from your front door to your car, from your car to the grocery store. Soon you will be trudging through an unplowed parking lot, pushing a cart with a gimpy wheel, your toes wet and your nose freezing. You won’t want to pull out your phone, raise your head or linger outside of your car. One of those plastic grocery bags might even burst open while you are loading up your car and those cans of soup and chili will go rolling away in the snow. You may be so fed up with winter already that you consider leaving those cans right there on the ground instead of rifling through the slush with your already frozen fingers.
Wouldn’t it be nice to get away?
When was the last time you visited one of your local real estate offices to discuss a winter oasis? Sure, there are a lot of snowbirds in your town, but you never even considered the thought that you could be one of them; it has always seemed like a lifestyle that was just out of reach.
Have you ever seen what Fort Lauderdale waterfront homes are like in the winter? Neither have most people, but they have one thing going for them that your home does not: no snow.
However, traveling south in the winter is more than just escaping Mother Nature’s gift to the north. It is a chance to witness new lifestyles, have new experiences, and even scope out communities to take up root in retirement. If lounging around all day in one of Florida’s traditional beach houses is not for you, the area has a rich choice of operas, art shows, and other cultural highlights to draw you into the community. South Florida realtors can find you dozens of options from waterfront, to condo, to a save on a foreclosed home. In fact, Fort Lauderdale is a goldmine of homes for sale: the population of Florida grows by 1,000 people daily and real estate offices are hustling to provide the best deals for homes and condos to accommodate that influx.
If you are ready for a sunny, cultural, seasonal change that will dry up your wintry blues, stop by your local real estate offices before you get snowed in until spring!

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