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Professional Service firms have different marketing needs than companies that sell products. The marketing strategies and tactics used on consumer goods are not always effective when selling services and expertise. Accountants and CPA firms compete to gain and retain clients for the success of their business.

Modern marketing strategies and tactics have gone digital and include everything from website development, search engine optimization and marketing, inbound marketing strategies, lead generation campaigns, online advertising and social media. The capability to transform the website into a real selling tool that converts visitors into customers should be the goal for any CPA firm marketing team. This begins with the design and usability of your website. A poorly designed site that is difficult to navigate is a big turnoff to visitors. This may mean you need to invest in a design refresh for your site every few years, which is well worth the investment as your website becomes a larger part of your marketing efforts.

A vital component to online marketing strategies and tactics on the web starts with content. Content marketing refers to the information that a firm publishes to their website. This can include whitepapers, blogs, articles, E Books and video content. The intent for content marketing strategies and tactics to communicate the knowledge and skill of your firm, distinguishing itself as a leader in the financial services industry. The quality of your website content and the other materials that your company publishes can reinforce your brand and help expand the reach of your site and its services. Using social media and social media marketing strategies and tactics can broadcast the message, services and capabilities of your CPA or accounting firm to a large demographic.

Accountants and CPA firms need to make sure their website translates the value of their services to the public. Of course any online and website marketing plan needs to be supplemented with traditional marketing strategies, lead nurturing, public relations and branding campaigns to be truly successful. Good references here.

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