Top 4 Coolest Metal Working Tools Available Today


Metal fabrication and welding are fantastically interesting and crucially useful careers in the world’s economy. There have been a number of wonderful innovations over the years. In fact, steel parts are more dent resistant and upwards of 30% stronger than they were only a decade ago. As the industry has grown, new tools have been developed for convenience and quality assurance. Here are some examples.

    • Welding Helmet: Welding helmets are an old technology that has been updated in a simple and functional, yet exciting way. The lens on modern helmets is made from a material that adjusts its own darkness according to the amount of light it is exposed to. This lets welding professionals use the hood at all times without having a hard time seeing their work space.


    • Plasma Cutter: A plasma cutter is used to cut conductive metals by using an electrified gas to create a jet of plasma from the tip of the tool and channel it towards the cutting surface. The reason this is so exciting is that if plasma cutters are possible, so too is the sci-fi cousin, a plasma gun. That’s just one step away from lightsabers.


    • MIG Welder: On a more practical note, MIG welders have increased the efficiency and speed of the welding process when compared to outdated stick welding techniques. They use a machine that feeds the joining material to an electric arc which then melts the metal on to the desired surface.


    • Laser Etching: Most people would agree that lasers are pretty cool. Well, laser etching is fairly commonplace in the later stages of fabrication. When finishing a product, lasers can make precision cuts, engravings, and marks on the metal that cannot be done by hand.


In a metal manufacturing company, you will likely find all these tools and more. Where fabrication is concerned, we are living in the future, and more innovations are happening every day. This is good news since our finished products are becoming ever more complicated and intricate. Luckily, we are well-equipped for the job at hand.

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