What a ‘Passive Applicant’ Is, And Why You Should Be Focusing on Them When Hiring for Financial Positions


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Fact: Passive candidates — i.e., people who are already employed or who aren’t actively looking for employment — make up a whopping 85% of the potential job applicant pool when it comes to jobs in accounting and finance.

What does this mean if your company is looking to hire new employees for jobs in financial services? Quite simply, if you’re hiring for positions based solely off applications and emails you get from interested applicants, you’re probably missing out on a lot of great potential employees. What where does this leave you in the recruitment process? How you can make up for lost time? Here are just a few suggestions on how to broaden your recruitment process when it comes to hiring for jobs in financial services:

  • Experience is one of the most important factors in the hiring process in any industry, but keep in mind that experience comes in many forms, and not just employment in your own industry! If you look beyond the average job applicant pool, you’ll see that there are countless people with impressive experience during their time in college and during volunteer opportunities.

  • If you’re on the lookout for different types of applicants, start looking in places you’d normally never look. Creative people tend to hide in some interesting places, so maybe hang out at your local coffee shop, try joining some industry-specific networking websites, and create an interesting way to market your job opportunities on social media that will grab the attention of some newer applicants.

  • Especially when it comes to executive management jobs, the best potential employees are usually the ones who are already employed at other companies and aren’t looking for new jobs. It’s your responsibility to show them all the benefits — financial and otherwise — that they’d get by switching to your business. This is not the time to be shy or worry that you seem too desperate; people are more likely to take you up on a job opening if they see that your company really wants them, and that the benefits greatly outweigh the risks of changing jobs.

It definitely isn’t easy to hire new people for important job positions, especially in the corporate finance industry. But if you’ve been struggling a bit in the past, you might just need to open your mind a bit and see what else is out there! For more, read this link.

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