Tips on Hiring for Corporate Financial Positions


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Now that we’re fully into the digital age, job searches and job recruitment seems easier than ever thanks to websites like and CareerBuilder. But if you’re trying to recruit new employees for financial jobs for a big company, be they financial management jobs or regular financial analyst positions, you might feel like the average recruiting tips aren’t doing enough for you.

The biggest problem that companies find when hiring for major financial manager jobs is that their dream employees are already employed elsewhere. Finding the best employees for executive management jobs can be difficult because they people you want have already invested quite a bit in their corporate finance careers.

In light of that, here are just a couple tips to get you started on your financial job recruiting adventure:

  • As stated before, finding the perfect executive managers can be difficult because the people that could benefit your company the most are already hired somewhere else and aren’t looking to leave or make a huge change — moving across the country for example, or leaving a company they’ve been employed at for the past decade — unless they have a really, really good reason to do so. The best thing you can do is not to hold back at all — make sure you show them that your company doesn’t just want them, but needs them. Put it all out on the table: research their past professional history, find out their interests, let them know exactly how much monetary compensation you’re willing to give.

  • While the best potential employees are often the ones already taken, make sure to keep an open mind and remember that talent often goes unnoticed in unlikely places. Especially considering how much technology influences the financial world today, you might be better off looking for younger employees who can pick up new technology much faster than those with decades of experience. On a similar note, you might even benefit from looking for employees who have never even considered corporate finance careers — they might just possess a certain creativity that all of your other applicants have been lacking.

Of course, your recruitment strategies will differ depending on your particular company and industry — but don’t be afraid to take a risk every now and again when it comes to hiring new people! More.

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