What To Look For When Recruiting for Finance Jobs


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If you’re in charge of recruiting new employees for corporate finance positions in a company, you’ve got a lot of responsibility on your hands. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an chief financial officer, for someone to fill a variety of corporate controller positions, or just a regular financial analyst or accountant. Jobs in accounting and finance are tricky to get into, and they require a great deal of knowledge and experience, but the industry is starting to change slowly — there are some things to look for in new employees that you may not have looked for in the past:

  • The first, and most obvious point, is that any type of corporate finance positions should be filled with employees who are good with numbers and can stay organized. A big company with a lot of complicated finances will need a lot of organization, and even small mistakes due to messiness can end up costing the business big time.

  • Although you’re probably on the lookout for people who have a lot of experience already, remember that younger employees can be just as valuable. Not only are they fresh out of school and motivated to get into the industry, but they can bring a lot of energy and tons of new ideas to the table. When you’re trying to fill positions that will require future financial planning and budgeting, someone who’s creative can be invaluable to the company.

  • And finally, this should probably go without saying, but it’s important to look for someone who’s fully invested in the industry and who wants to build a solid career for themselves. Of course, many people looking for corporate finance positions are in it for the money and the stability of having a job in future; this industry is definitely one of the more stable industries, and it pays pretty well when you make it to the top. But those should be small factors in someone’s desire to have a career in finance; having motivation and energy can be even more valuable.

So now it’s your turn — do you have any good tips for someone who’s recruiting for financial positions in a company? Be sure to share any thoughts or questions with us in the comments section!

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