Month: March 2014

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Restaurant Owners It’s Time to Switch to Mobile Payments

Imagine your waiters and waitresses walking to a table, taking a customer’s orders, and never having to run around from table to table at the end of meals, collecting credit cards, swiping them, pulling out receipts to sign, and carrying extra pens in their pocket. No more bulky, troublesome credit card machines, network errors, or […]

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Accountant for small business
Accountants in lancaster pa
Philadelphia cpa

Run Your Business, Let Your Accountant Handle the Money

You have just begun working on your brand new business. While you have several ideas running through your head there are just as many questions. One of the biggest is do I need an accountant for my small business? An accountant for small business can help with a array of issues including finances and income […]

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Douglas e. fleit

What Can American Real Estate Partners Offer You?

American Real Estate Partners, founded by Brian L. Katz and Douglast E. Fleit, focuses on commercial real estate investing and sales in the United States. American Real Estate Partners specializes in commercial real estate assets and financial instruments in the United States, specifically along the Eastern Seaboard. Principals at American Real Estate Partners currently own […]

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