Month: August 2014

Annuity lump sum payment
Get settlement money now
Selling your structured settlement

How to Receive Structured Settlement Money

Back in 1982, Congress adopted certain tax rules in order to encourage people to use structured settlements to resolve personal injury cases. Before that, structured settlement cash was given in one lump sum. Nearlya third of all personal injury claimants are offered some type of structured settlement. If you have been injured on the job […]

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Cash n gold
Sell gold norman
Where can i buy gold bars

Four Facts That Show Why Right Now is the Best Time to Sell Your Gold

If you didn’t sell your out-of-use gold jewelry a few years ago when the price of gold first skyrocketed, now is still a great time to sell your gold for a profit. Because demand is still on the rise for gold, the price is still steadily rising — so if you want the best payout […]

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Independent pharmacy software
Pharmacy pos system
Pharmacy sale solutions

Why Your Pharmacy Deserves a New POS System

If you run a small pharmacy and you’ve been thinking about updating your Point Of Sale system for a while — you shouldn’t hesitate to do so! Considering that newer retail pharmacy POS systems are so advanced that they leave other POS software systems in the dust, updating your POS software isn’t just about convenience […]

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