Month: November 2014

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The Advantages of Enrolling in a Debt Relief Program

The holiday shopping season is almost in full swing, and soon, Americans will be spending their hard-earned dollars on finding the perfect holiday presents for their loved ones. The National Retail Federations holiday spending forecast for November and December is bright, as consumers continue to gain confidence in the post-recession economy. Consumer spending is slated […]

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Benefits of Having an Employee Handbook

Clearly laying out company policies and easy for larger companies, but small companies are at a disadvantage because they have just as much work to do, but for fewer employees. It might seem like an overwhelming task, but putting together an employee handbook is critical to running a successful small business. Some payroll companies are […]

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Why the CFO is Such a Critical Component Within a Company

When people think about financial jobs, they may not think of them as very exciting positions. Some may even think that people choose to go into these positions purely for the money. While financial jobs to technically revolve around money, they are not all about making money. Financial analysts, financial controllers, financial advisors and accountants […]

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Three Ways to Get Rid of a Bad Annuity

One of the most common ways that personal injury cases are resolved is with the use of a structured settlement. The way that the structured settlement cash is paid out to the injured party through an annuity. What are annuities? Buying annuities is usually something people do to help manage their money in retirement, but […]

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