Hiring Right the First Time 3 Steps to Catching the Right Financial Candidate


Financial controller

When done right, an executive search is a true art form. Finding a candidate with the right skills, background and personality to lead a company or nonprofit is a tall order. With chief executive officers and other high-level employees spending more than 60% of their time in meetings, there isn’t much time on-boarding.Candidates are expected to hit the ground running. So how do you find a candidate that can fit in well? Follow these three tips and you should have a great start.
Work with a recruiter
If you are an recruiter, you already know this! If you aren’t, surely you can understand the importance of using a recruiter when seeking to fill business finance careers, particular roles like chief operating officer, chief financial officer or corporate controller. Most senior executives work with a recruiter during their job searches or are approached by recruiters and convinced into a better fitting role. Recruiters understand how to field for a good fit and how to incentivize those who are a good fit to come on board.
When you find the candidate you want, give them reason to stick around
A good executive fit can do wonders for your organization. For example, the Chief Financial Officer Job are responsible for managing the financial operations and health of an entire company! This person’s salary is not a place to skimp! Business finance careers generally pay very well, for example even a financial analyst makes more than $75,000 per year. Be sure to pay a reasonable, if not generous, rate.
Reward versatility
Each state may have a different licensing mechanism board for certifications that are helpful in executive roles – such as a CPA. If you find a candidate you love who has is licensed in several states, understand that that candidate has options! Sure, you won’t be grossing any extra dollars because of their stacked qualifications, but you may be able to keep them around longer if you reward them for these qualifications, even if they aren’t helpful.

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