Day: November 11, 2014

Annuity lump sum payment
Cash for annuity
Selling your structured settlement

Three Ways to Get Rid of a Bad Annuity

One of the most common ways that personal injury cases are resolved is with the use of a structured settlement. The way that the structured settlement cash is paid out to the injured party through an annuity. What are annuities? Buying annuities is usually something people do to help manage their money in retirement, but […]

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Chief financial officer job description
Director of finance

Hiring Right the First Time 3 Steps to Catching the Right Financial Candidate

When done right, an executive search is a true art form. Finding a candidate with the right skills, background and personality to lead a company or nonprofit is a tall order. With chief executive officers and other high-level employees spending more than 60% of their time in meetings, there isn’t much time on-boarding.Candidates are expected […]

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