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Consumer Debt Is Reaching A Record High Of $4 Trillion How The Right Software Makes A Difference

Debt is at an all-time high. It’s difficult to find an American adult today that isn’t struggling through some form of debt. One person may be attempting to pay off their credit card, set back thousands of dollars and only sinking further into uncertainty as their fees pile on. Another may find themselves at a […]

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What to Expect When You Are Audited

Tax Defenders know many business owners work so hard they don’t take time to think about their taxes, let alone the risk of an IRS audit. Nearly a quarter of all surveyed business owners failed to even know their own tax rate (CNBC, 2016). This can put you and your business risk. If you receive […]

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Are You Considering Buying Your First Home?

When you graduated from college you had no idea that you would so quickly being paying attention to mortgage rates, down payments, and other adult sounding topics. The fact of the matter is, however, that the generous housing allowance your new employer is including in the benefits for the first year in this new part […]

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Top 4 Coolest Metal Working Tools Available Today

Metal fabrication and welding are fantastically interesting and crucially useful careers in the world’s economy. There have been a number of wonderful innovations over the years. In fact, steel parts are more dent resistant and upwards of 30% stronger than they were only a decade ago. As the industry has grown, new tools have been […]

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